About Us

Mattress King is a family owned business that has been serving Chicago for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on helping our customers obtain what they need. When it comes to your family's sleep, you want to make sure that you have picked the right mattress!

Are you a college student coming in  from out of town?  YOU can have your mattress delivered right as you are pulling up to your apartment.  With our punctual delivery personelle you wont have to sleep in a hotel waiting for your mattress.

We try our hardest to make mattress shopping easy. You can buy any size mattress. We help you find  what you need, and if we can't we are not afraid to point you in the right direction. Because that is what WE call customer satisfaction! 

2952 W. Devon Ave. Chicago IL, 60659 

(773) 743-5120 - (773) 977-5184 (Accepts text messaging) 

2952 W. Devon Ave. Chicago IL, 60659 

(773) 743-5120 - (773) 977-5184 (Accepts text messaging)