Special Kids' Beds

Baby Crib Mattresses

Do you have an antique crib, a different shaped crib, even a regular crib? We'll make the mattress for you.

Kid's Beds
Does your child have a bed-wetting problem? 
We have designed a special water-proof covering that we install over ANY suitable mattress.  So as your child outgrows the need for the cover, you can cut the material off to reveal a BRAND NEW original mattress covering underneath !
Bunk Beds
 We can design custom mattresses to fit any size of bunk beds.

2952 W. Devon Ave. Chicago IL, 60659 

(773) 743-5120 - (773) 977-5184 (Accepts text messaging) 

2952 W. Devon Ave. Chicago IL, 60659 

(773) 743-5120 - (773) 977-5184 (Accepts text messaging)