Hospital Beds and Orthopedic Mattresses

We'll custom-make a 'hospital' mattress to fit your existing setup. Whatever the size or need, we are qualified to assist you. Mattress King is already a supplier to several Chicagoland hospitals. We have the contacts to get you the type of bed you need.

We'll custom-make an orthopedic mattress for heavier people to accommodate their critical needs.We have several satisfied customers sleeping soundly on our customized mattress sets.  We're just a call away.


2952 W. Devon Ave. Chicago IL, 60659 

(773) 743-5120 - (773) 977-5184 (Accepts text messaging) 

2952 W. Devon Ave. Chicago IL, 60659 

(773) 743-5120 - (773) 977-5184 (Accepts text messaging)